God has blessed me with some wonderful times and He has also blessed me with some misery. He has seen fit to give me family and friends who bring me immense joy. But He has also given me both relatives and friends that have hurt me deeply. There was a time in my life when due to circumstances seemingly beyond my control, I was thrust into a world of loneliness. At the moment, it seemed like an awful curse that would never end. But it was through this experience that I learned one of the most valuable lessons of my entire life.

The gift of aloneness has become one for which I will be eternally grateful. To be lonely is not something that most people aspire to. In fact, the vast majority will do practically anything to avoid those agonizing pangs. But then aloneness is something I sense that most should seek out whenever possible. Being lonely can trigger a state of depression; a deep sense of abandonment. Aloneness on the other hand, can actually become a way of getting to know yourself the way God knows you. It is almost as though He is saying, “Allow me to introduce you to the REAL you!”

In her article in Psychology Today titled, “Loneliness Has a Purpose,” Dr. Mary C. Lamia gives her thoughts on the subject. She writes, “Loneliness can be triggered when you’re thinking of a significant relationship that has ended, or if you realize that your relationships are not emotionally satisfying. It can be brought on by losing a loved one, or if your access to social relationships has been altered because of a life circumstance. It can also occur at the moment you recognize that you are not truly known and understood by another.”

But then, sometimes loneliness is more about not liking oneself than not having people around that like you. When we spend the time alone necessary to understand how infinitely valuable we are to Christ, those periods of loneliness will begin to diminish. In Jeremiah 31:3, God tells us, “Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you.”  His love for us is relentless, immeasurable, and infinite. Let us celebrate that this very day!

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