The Fiddle

A fictional look at a factual place: HEAVEN

Caleb Thomas is a man who late in life is longing to take his final journey into the presence of his Lord. But there is yet one final mission he must accomplish. The Fiddle is a captivating story about a man's life, loves and strong desire to be with his Master. 



The Fiddle

Eternity is a gigantic exclamation point placed at the end of every life. Once there, the die has been cast and our choice made. The Fiddle tells a captivating story based upon the lives of real people delicately woven within the context and reality of biblical truth.

Jessica D.

“What a wonderful way of exploring the infinite splendor of Paradise. It was also perfectly woven with the realities of this life we are currently living. Its pages are overflowing with hope for the future.”

Carla T.

“This book gave me a view of Heaven that I have never seen. Through the experiences of Caleb, my hope for the afterlife has been broadened beyond measure.”

Charles M.

“After grieving over the recent death of a loved one, I had the opportunity to read The Fiddle. Now my grief has turned to a renewed hope of being with this departed one for all eternity.”

Terrie C.

“This book was written with careful attention to the Scripture and an imagination that had to be inspired by the Holy Spirit. Thanks to the author for helping paint a glorious picture of what we have to look forward to.” 

Debbie M.

“The Fiddle captured my attention from the first chapter. Wayne Hudson has a magical way of drawing you in and making you want more, even at the end.  Read it and enjoy heaven now!” 

Karen H.

“Incredible story! I received this book as a Christmas gift and caught myself getting out of bed in the middle of the night, to read what happens next. It is a story about the Christian’s afterlife backed by scriptural references throughout.”

Becky E.

“This book took me to the next level in understanding spiritual warfare and what the Bible teaches us about it. Everything is backed up with scripture enabling you to compare what the writer is saying to what the Bible says. This is the book to read if you are wanting to further your spiritual walk with God.” 

Craig Carroll, Sr., Ph.D.

“For those of of us who have experienced the loss of a child or family member and found comfort in the promises of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Fiddle depicts a place of beauty beyond anything we can ever imagine. It is a place with joy, comfort and peace that our hearts should yearn for.” 

Christie H.

“A thought provoking journey through the end of one man’s life on earth and the beginning of spiritual awakening in others that he touched and loved.”

Catheryn H.

“The Fiddle gave me hope of not only seeing my Dad again, but enjoying with him the wonders of Heaven.”


Dr. Don Boone,


“You will laugh, you will cry, but most importantly you will pray. Only eternity will reveal the impact of this book on my own life and yours as well.”


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