Wayne Hudson became a Christian well over 40 years ago and soon developed a desire to serve God in full time ministry. It would be almost 15 years later that this goal would become a reality. When his first book, Many a Tear Has to Fall was published, he began receiving invitations to speak in churches, Christian conferences, and retreats. This would lead to teaching breakout sessions in various conferences on a national level. He was also invited to speak and teach at the 14th Baptist Youth World Conference in Hong Kong. Wayne has directed and facilitated divorce recovery workshops in various churches and is a strong proponent of the Covenant Marriage Movement. He has also facilitated, taught and directed numerous marriage conferences.

Throughout the years, he has traveled extensively abroad due to his passion for foreign missions. These include: Moscow, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Costa Rico, and Panama. He has both spoken and taught at various events in Odessa, Ukraine as well.

He is currently a Bible teacher, marriage counselor and long-time staff member at the Home of Grace Addiction Recovery in Vancleave, MS. Wayne is also a prolific author and in recent years, has developed a deep and abiding interest in Heaven. His book, The Fiddle, is a novel based upon the scriptures offering insights to what we may expect in the afterlife. Of the hereafter, he says:

“Eternity is a gigantic exclamation point placed at the end of every life. Once there, the die has been cast and the choice made.”


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