We live in interesting times! We are so conscious of our privacy that laws have been passed to protect us from those who find our information noteworthy. Both our government and businesses spend countless millions securing those bits of information they deem valuable.

On the other hand, individuals also highly value things about themselves that they consider personal. Or do they really? Have you browsed Facebook posts for an hour or so lately? Words most would hesitate to speak when alone are plastered on social media for the entire world to read. We don’t need to wiretap someone’s phone anymore. Just pull up their page and read till we get weary!

Back in the 1950’s we had a much earlier version of Facebook. It was called a party line. I remember as a kid picking up the receiver to make a call and hearing someone talking. I didn’t linger very long because we had an unwritten code of respect. However, there were those that would eavesdrop in spite of the code. I suppose that it was just too much temptation for some.

A conversation once took place between a father and son that should have been the talk of the town when it was published. It was supremely consequential, and offered life-altering hope for every generation that has lived since. This heart-rending, perfectly transparent discussion was in fact, the Son speaking to his beloved Father.

If a price could be placed on a transcript such as this, what would it be worth? It would be infinitely priceless! And yet you and I can hold the Bible in our hands and read it word for word. So, today I invite every reader of this message to read John 17:6-26. Read as God the Son bears his heart and soul to God the Father. Trade ten minutes of your time in exchange for the unveiling of Christ’s perfect love for those of us who would “become one” with him. I was so taken by this passage that I included it in its entirety in the epilogue of my book, The Fiddle / A fictional look at a factual place /HEAVEN

Pray and read this passage of scripture. It will change your entire perspective on Jesus and what he has prepared for us.

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