As a parent or grandparent, we are compelled to love and protect our children above all else. They are our primary responsibility and God holds us accountable for their safety and well-being. Although I have come to understand evil and its source, I can still be stunned when it reveals itself in certain ways.

The video you are about to see, peels back the veil to reveal a brief glimpse of the most depraved atrocities of mankind. When the love of Christ is absent from humanity, that void is often quickly filled with a variety of self-contrived substitutes. The danger here is that a complete loss of perception can become manifest empowering one to do the unthinkable.

As a father, I have always been concerned about someone abducting my daughter. In recent years, that has been multiplied with the addition of my two grandchildren. It would be a nightmare that would never end to have either of them taken and not know if I would ever see them again. But the reality is, many parents are currently living that nightmare all over this country and the world.

Today there is a pathetic, putrid, blight lurking in the shadows of which the vast majority seem to be completely unaware. We should be alert, informed and diligently protective of not only our own, but all of God’s precious little ones. To do otherwise would be committing a terrible sin of omission as well as enabling evil to prey unchallenged upon the most vulnerable of all innocence.

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”  (Jesus from Matthew 18:6)

Many say that hell has a special place in it for those that bring harm to children. Personally, I believe that God makes all things perfectly and thus one part of hell is likely as awful as another. We never know who can be redeemed and who cannot. That is not for us to sort out. We can only trust those matters to God while loving Him and others as we are commanded to do.

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