Author vows “to change Christians’ longing for the here and now to things eternal!”

VANCLEAVE, MS / MAY 25, 2017

“In what ways will your priorities have changed five minutes after your heart stops beating?”

Christian author, Wayne Hudson is on a mission to shake up and awaken his fellow believers. He has been speaking, teaching and writing for many years on this subject.  His emphasis targets a common obstacle that impedes many believers ability to devotedly engage in their faith. That often overlooked impediment is a misguided hope.

“Hope can be defined two ways.” Hudson says. “The first is typical of the world system’s translation, which is “to wish or to aspire to.” He points out that this is, by far the most common definition, overshadowing the deeper biblical meaning. He explains that the bible defines hope as a fact rather than a wish. “It’s the confidence that something will happen because God has said that it will. Biblical hope is synonymous with biblical faith. To exchange a ‘temporal’ hope for an ’eternal’ hope is a great bargain; a choice that makes perfect sense.”

The Fiddle / A fictional look at a factual place: HEAVEN, is Wayne Hudson’s latest book showcasing the Christian’s ultimate hope. The novel parallels the true story of Wayne Hudson’s life and family relationships. Scriptural footnotes validate what has been written concerning the afterlife. The clear message throughout is that we should live passionately for Christ in the time that we are given here. Hudson says, “As believers, we should cling to biblical truths about Heaven while serving faithfully in this present realm. However, today many seem to be directing their focus to the affairs and cares of this present world. For Christians, reading The Fiddle will result in a profound enlightenment and a renewed hope of the life awaiting us.”

Heaven is that place where every true believer will spend all eternity. It only follows that these would want to not only believe in Jesus Christ as Savior, but also truly believe in the reality of their eternal home.

You are invited to visit Wayne at his website: where he may be contacted through the contact page here. This new and unique book can be purchased on Amazon at:    The Fiddle by Wayne Hudson/Amazon

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