A word from Pop

What I want them to know before I go

A Word From Pop is a book written to children ages five through fifty-five with complete instructions on how to live life. Author, Wayne Hudson, meets with his two grandchildren in the swing under the “miracle oak” for the conversation of a lifetime. There, he shares his views and advice from a Christian perspective. Various scriptures from the Holy Bible are used to validate what is being taught. It is written in a folksy, easy-to-read style that resonates with readers of all ages. Each chapter is a topic that has proven to be a mine field for children and adults alike. These include:

Friends Happiness Compassion Faith Romance Patriotism Toys Ministry Career Your Value Recreation
Character Perspective Travel Action Emotion Past Communication Loneliness Negativity Ministry Wisdom Mercy Love

This is a book that should remain on the reader’s shelves as a reference throughout their lives.

Available on Amazon:

– Kindle Version

– Paperback Version

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