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The Fiddle


It seems that both Christians and non-Christians today have an insatiable appetite for books on Heaven. However, there has been an overabundance of non-fiction books written by those who claim to have been there and returned. Also, bible scholars, ministers and others with knowledge of the scriptures have written with differing views of what we should expect.
The Fiddle on the Wall is a Fictional Look at a Factual Place known as Heaven based upon the truth of God’s word. This work is peppered throughout with footnotes from the scriptures that validate what has been written.

The storyline centers on the life of Caleb Thomas who at seventy-eight years old, is only hours from death. He does in fact die and instantly appears in Heaven to reunite with the person who has shaped his life more than any other. His grandfather, Tom Carter, had died when Caleb was in his mid-twenties, but not before witnessing to his grandson. This would be Tom’s one and only act of faithfulness to Christ in his entire life. Sometime later, those words would be used to draw Caleb to become a Christian. He would then go on to serve God faithfully in countless ways.


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