God has established Biblical standards for us to live by. In fact, He’s done such a good job with this that those that have chosen to follow his direction have prospered. God also established some parameters for many of the entities in society. When we heed God’s commands and counsel in the scriptures, we are more capable of exercising discernment when making good choices. Who do you think would do a better job with the following tasks:

Raising your children: Their parents or the government?

Determining what you should eat or drink: You or the government?

Providing for the poor, widows, orphans: The Church or government?

Protecting our country from foreign enemies: The Church or government?

Protecting your family from thieves, murderers, rapists: The government or the homeowner?

Determining what your children are taught in school: Parents or the government?

Defining marriage: The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob or the government?

We could continue with this exercise and ask similar questions about hundreds of things. If so, we would make one very important discovery. Government has its place, but it has also overstepped its boundaries in ways that our founders never intended. This infringement on its part has become so atrocious that it has permeated practically every area of our lives.  And where that hasn’t yet happened, it’s making significant inroads. If not stopped, it will continue until our nation is changed beyond recognition.

Now, one other question:

Is all of government corrupt and as a result should it be abolished?

For at least the past forty years, there has been a calculated effort to re-program the thinking of Americans. But where has this come from?

  • Our education system, particularly liberal professors. It has come from revisionist as history has been re-written to serve the purposes of progressives, liberals, and outright socialists.
  • The progressive media and the Hollywood elite who have declared themselves authorities on how the rest of us lowly, ignorant peasants should live.
  • Finally, from many of the pulpits in churches that have watered down God’s word with the liberal dogma of all of the above.

Today we are left with a country that our grandfathers would never recognize. Most of them would weep bitter tears over what has happened since their demise. But then we too should also be weeping and repenting since we could have done more to prevent this atrocity from occurring.

Yet it isn’t too late to take action. We should get busy doing what we can to prevent the godless minions of Satan from having their way with our children and our country. So what can we do to make a difference before it is too late?

We must stand for what we believe provided that belief is biblical. The “other side” appears to be winning because the righteous are remaining silent. We should also move from a defensive position to offense. They are on the wrong side and fighting against God’s will. You may remember that Saul (who would become the Apostle Paul) was fighting against Christianity when the Lord appeared to him on the road to Damascus. There, Jesus told him,

“Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks.”

(Acts 26:14)

We must be bold and get into the battle at some level. Stand firm for right and speak out against wrong. Our country is too precious to give it away without a fight!

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