I was recently preparing for a trip to Nashville, and I allotted two days for packing. Why two days, you ask? Well, you see I am the guy that awakens on the day I am to leave and remembers this is the day while suffering a momentary heart stoppage. Ironically, I am usually early for everything, but always late to prepare for my departure. I determined that at least this one time I would be well prepared when it came time to leave.

As it often happens, I had unexpected interruptions that took my mind off packing and shopping for last minute items I needed. The night before, I finally took the time to finish packing and began to load the car. I happened to remember to take my bible from my desk and put it by the door. Next, I thought about belts and grabbed a couple of those. Within a twenty minute period, I remembered at least five or six items that I would normally have forgotten.

Then, out of nowhere, it hit me and I thought, “Where did that responsible person come from that just took over my being?” Instinctively, I knew. It was the Spirit of God doing what He always does when we get out of His way and let Him.

Now, you may be thinking that I am over-reacting and that these are just normal functions of our brain. Well, that may be true for you, but I can assure you that my brain doesn’t function that way. You see, I believe that there are many thousands of times when we think of and do things that are helpful, while chalking it up to coincidence. When we do that, we may very well be robbing the Spirit of the credit He deserves. In doing so, we also are missing an opportunity to give Him the glory for caring in even the small things.

I was standing at my bathroom sink when I had that revelation. I stopped, said a silent “WOW”, and then thought, “That’s just like Him!” It really is, you know. Nothing is too small or insignificant that it is not worthy of His care and attention. Besides, He knows how I am and that I need help … and often!

When we have a serious medical, financial or other type of need and God sends a miracle, we give Him credit for that. But He is also the God of the inconsequential. He surely desires to be loved and appreciated for that as well.

I encourage you to stay alert and be very aware of all that our Lord is doing. Although I am appreciative of the great miracles, I am also very happy that I have all the things I need with me on this trip. Thank you Holy Spirit!