As a kid growing up in a small town in the 1950’s and early 60’s, most of us knew what everyone’s dad did for a living. From time to time when a few of us would get into a heated discussion, one kid might remind another that his own dad was a banker, lawyer or businessman. Then, the braggard would ask the other kid that dreaded question, “Who’s your daddy?”

As for me, I wasn’t very proud of my dad. He was a heavy drinker, enjoyed the night life and ran an automotive body shop. I never once thought that when I grew up I would want to be like him. Many years later after his previous lifestyle had run its course, my feelings toward him improved significantly. He passed away years ago and I now realize that God used the negatives to create a wonderful positive.

Actually, today I think my Daddy hung the moon. In fact, I know He did, as well as the stars and all the planets. Did your daddy create the heavens, the earth, rivers, oceans, animals and mankind in six literal days? (Genesis 1:1-24) Mine did! Can your daddy lift up his voice to the clouds, that an abundance of water may cover you? My Father does that every day. (Job 38:34) 

What’s that you say? You and I have the same Father? Then why have I not heard you shouting that to the world before? When we come to realize who we are in Christ, we should be touting that for the entire world to hear. How can we keep such a marvelous reality a secret? How is it that we can think so little of ourselves when we have a Heavenly Father that is infinate in abilities and eternal in existence?

I never chose to take on the identity of my earthly father, but I have come to understand who I am in Jesus. When we fail to share these truths, an opportunity has been lost to point another to the one true God. Think on this as you watch this reminder of “who is our Daddy” and be filled with gratitude. After all, “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; … , for we are also his offspring.” (Acts 17:28)

Click here and after watching, give thanks to our Heavenly Daddy:

Our Heavenly Daddy




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