What if I told you that I was squeezing a lemon this week and orange juice came out? Would you believe me? Or … what if I said tomato juice came out? The laws of nature prevent that, so without some sort of genetic engineering, it cannot happen.

However, mankind is not a fruit or vegetable and we can choose to take in various substances that can change us. For example, if we are not careful what we eat, our health can begin to diminish. If we choose to drink poison, we can become very ill or even die. This same principal can apply to our spirituality.

Why is the 21st century church so ineffective? Could it have to do with its diet? I say, ABSOLUTELY! May I challenge you on this?

Keep a log for one week, writing down how you and your family spend your time. Keep a record of how much time you spend reading scripture, reflecting on what you read, and praying. Record the time spent on various types of recreational activities as opposed to ministry projects. Every time you have a conversation and God’s name is mentioned, write that down.

But be objective. Have another list where you record the time spent doing things where God is left out or possibly not even welcome. Keep track of what you watch on television as well as the amount of time spent doing it. Make a log of what you watch and note whether it has any redeeming qualities or not. Record the time you spend talking with your children about the events in their lives and do the same with your spouse.

One final assignment: write down each unexpected crisis that comes your way, no matter how small. With complete honesty, tell how you received it and how it was ultimately resolved. Why, you ask? Because if you were spending an adequate amount of time in prayer and God’s word, you will naturally handle your difficulties much better.

All this leads us to ask a few final questions. First, what is wrong with the 21st century church? Second, what in my own life desperately needs to be changed? And finally, is it a priority to me that I make these necessary changes or am I satisfied with where I am?

When we squeeze a lemon, we should get lemon juice because that is the way God has designed it. When we are squeezed, whatever we have chosen to ingest will likely appear. Get it?

But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” (Matthew 4:4)

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